Provincial Capacity Funding

Funding will be used to strengthen and improve the way the BCAAFC and the Centres deliver programs and services by improving infrastructure through Information Technology system updates and human-resource development through staff training and recruitment.

Provincial Capacity Programming

Friendship Centres will also seek to increase cultural activities within existing and new programs, leveraging the funding to pursue economic development opportunities, making minor renovations and expanding operations


Eligible expenditures are limited to:

  • Salaries and employee benefits

  • Professional fees

  • Honoraria

  • Training and development

  • Equipment

  • Facilities

  • Capital Renovations and repairs up to $15,000

The BCAAFC will review applications received from each Centre that will include a request for information related to the above expenditures as well as a description on how the funding will be used for programming, capacity development and/or repairs. The BCAAFC will also create a reporting template that Centres will use to report on the utilization of these funds and demonstrate the impact that this new resourcing is having in each respective community.