Welcome to the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres

The Friendship Centre movement is built on community support, trust, strong leadership, tradition and faith and is mandated to improve the quality of life for Indigenous people throughout Canada.

Located at 551 Chatham St, in Victoria BC, the BCAAFC is the umbrella association for 25 Friendship Centres throughout the Province of British Columbia. Friendship Centres provide services to Indigenous people living in urban settings.

Our Mandate

The BCAAFC has an over-riding philosophy and as a registered Society within the Province of BC, our constitution reads:

"The purposes of the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres are: 

  1. To promote the betterment of Aboriginal Friendship Centres in the Province of British Columbia.
  2. To establish and maintain communications between Aboriginal Friendship Centres and other Provincial Associations and the National Association of Friendship Centres.
  3. To act as a unifying body for Aboriginal Friendship Centres. To provide an Association for Government Agencies to communicate through and obtain information from. This, in no way takes away a centre's right to negotiate directly with any agency.
  4. To advise the Government, when requested by the collective centres, on how and what programs may assist Aboriginal Friendship Centres, in the development programs to better the lives of Aboriginal Native people in British Columbia."