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Welcome to the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres

The Friendship Centre movement is built on community support, trust, strong leadership, tradition and faith and is mandated to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal Peoples throughout Canada.   Located at 551 Chatham St, in Victoria BC, the BCAAFC is the umbrella association for 25 Friendship Centres throughout the Province of British Columbia.

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Alert Bay Recreation Association Elders

To provide partial funding to Elders for travel costs related to the Annual Elders Gathering.


  1. Applicants are an Aboriginal Elder or recognized Aboriginal organization on behalf of Elders.

  2. Only British Columbia residents are eligible.

  3. Travel distance to the event is greater than 200 kilometers (one way, road distance only).

  4. Applicants send in a completed application form.

  5. Eligible travel costs are as follows: accommodations, transportation, meals, and other related travel expenses such as parking or taxi. Travel costs must be by the most economical means.

  6. Applicants who have received an Elders Transportation grant in the previous two consecutive years are ineligible to apply this year and may apply the following year.

General Program Conditions

  1. Applications must be accompanied by a cover letter indicating number of Elders planning to attend and a letter of support from a recognized Aboriginal organization, confirming financial need.

  2. Applicants are eligible to receive funding up to a maximum of $1,000. Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee and approved for funding based on factors including: distance away from the event, overall travel costs, regional representation, include individual Elders.

  3. Only one application per fiscal year per organization will be approved.

  4. The BCAAFC is not responsible for any expenses incurred prior to the applicant receiving a written confirmation of approval.

  5. Previous Elders Transportation or other provincial grants to the applicant and/or Aboriginal Organization must be accounted for or the applicant may be ineligible for funding.

  6. If actual travel expenses are less than the $1,000 advanced, the difference must be repaid.

After the Conference
Funding recipients must submit a report within 30 days of travel to the BCAAFC which includes a brief summary listing names of Elders who attended the event and financial summary of actual travel costs and any additional photos or quotes to support narrative summary.

Proposals should be submitted to:
Attn: Elders Transportation Program Coordinator
BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centers
551 Chatham St.
Victoria , B.C. , V8T 1E1 Canada
Phone: (250) 388-5522
Fax: (250) 388-5502
Email: jzuroski@bcaafc.com


For more information on BCAAFC Elders Programs please click HERE.

For more information please contact the First Citizens Fund Program Administrator