Funding Allocations

UPIP has four (grants and contributions) funding streams: Organizational Capacity; Programs and Services; Coalitions; Research and Innovation.

Organizational capacity funding is allocated to urban Indigenous organizations for core operation costs, and friendship centres are also eligible to apply to the Research and Innovation funding stream, when it is launched in the fall 2017.

Programs and services funding will be allocated to a variety of recipients to assist with the creation and delivery of programs and services (see Annex C for the types of projects to be funded) to support urban Indigenous peoples.

Set aside allocations will be provided to distinction-based organizations, namely three main groups:

Inuit Organizations, the Métis Nation and also the National Association of Friendship Centres.

Coalitions funding will be allocated to support local-multijurisdictional collaboration and identify local needs and priorities. Discussions will take place in the first quarter of 2017-2018 with local organizations.

Research and Innovation funding will be allocated for research and innovative projects that support a better understanding of the urban Indigenous reality.

It also provides support to address challenges faced by some of the most at-risk community members, including Indigenous women.

Call for Proposals

The Coalitions funding stream has a targeted Call for Proposals that will be led by INAC regional offices.

The application period for the research and innovation stream will begin in late 2017. The Call for Proposals will be posted on INAC’s website when available and Friendship Centres may apply directly to INAC.

Eligibility Criteria

The list of criteria to apply for UPIP may be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Common eligibility requirements for all streams include:

Eligible recipients must be located off-reserve and in an urban centre.

  • All initiatives and projects must advance the objectives of the UPIP program.
  • In addition, all non-Indigenous organizations, including municipal governments, health and education authorities and institutions, require demonstrated support from Indigenous organizations or Indigenous community groups to be eligible for funding.
  • Individuals are eligible to apply under the Research and Innovation stream, if they are associated with education authorities or institutions, universities and/or Indigenous organizations.