Community Capacity Support (CCS) Program

The CCS program provides core-like funding to Friendship Centres and other urban Aboriginal organizations so they can have a stable base from which to deliver programs and services that increase urban Aboriginal participation in the economy. This stable base is also to be used to attract additional investments by being a platform from which other government programs, from all levels of government, can be delivered to the urban aboriginal community.

The objective for CCS is to increase the participation of the urban Aboriginal individuals, families, and communities in the economy. Participation in the economy means that Aboriginal peoples have the skills, knowledge and training to secure, maintain and excel in a strong Canadian economy.

NEW THIS YEAR, our program has moved online.  The Application and all supporting documentation will be submitted through an online interface.  Direct support can be accessed through the CCS Program Manager. 

For a more fulsome explanation of the CCS Program, review the Terms and Conditions of the Urban Aboriginal Strategy which governs the CCS Program. 

Third Quarter Reporting - due on or before January 30th, 2017

Changes to third quarter Cashflow.  Please note the updated Cashflow for CCS reporting.  We ask that you only report on CCS funds as part of an update to the reporting process.

Documents for download:

UPDATED - CCS Agency cash flow template

UPDATED - Budget Amendment Form

Appendix "F" - from contract, due with reporting

Community Capacity Support Criteria and Guidelines

Year End Reporting - due on or before April 30, 2017

We hope to have the CCS Final Report template online on or before March 1st, 2017 to allow plenty of time for you to meet the due date.

Reminder to submit your photos and success stories!


CCS 2017 final reporting

New reporting procedures for the 2017 CCS Final Report.

Please see the pdf instruction guide for more details.


Need additional space for your reporting?

Please use this CCS Final Report Template for all additional reporting including additional buildings, staff, programs & partners