Ending Violence in our Communities

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National inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls

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New Journeys Transition Guide

Life After Abuse: A Guide for Aboriginal Women Moving to the City

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“Taking Action to End Violence”

BC Friendship Centres Action Plan to End Violence against Aboriginal women and Girls

Recognizing the urgency of this issue, the BCAAFC created an Action Plan through a two stage engagement process with the 25 BC Friendship Centres.

The BCAAFC Action Plan to End Violence Against Aboriginal Women and Girls leads in the spirit of the February 2015 "A Vision for a Violence Free BC" plan, the February 2014 Provincial 3 year Domestic Violence Plan and BC’s Speech from the Throne, where the Government of BC committed to the following: 

“…Over the past year, government has taken significant action on domestic violence and on missing and murdered women. That's why, this year we will introduce a long-term, comprehensive strategy to move towards a violence-free B.C. and ensure women, including Aboriginal and vulnerable women, have the supports they need to help prevent violence, to escape from violent situations, and to recover if they have been victims of crime.”



Ending Violence Resources

A Vision for a Violence Free BC (Feb. 2015)


BC’s Provincial Domestic Violence Plan (Feb. 2014)


Ministry of Justice report: Safety and Security of Vulnerable women in BC (2013)


RCMP: Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women - An Operational Overview (2014)